Stem Conferences




The committees from both Redlands and Banning/Beaumont Pass organize yearly day-long conferences for 8th grade girls. The speakers relate the need for math and science in their particular career field and encourage the girls to continue their math and science studies in high school. PLUS, the Pass Area interest group sponsors girls for summer Tech Trek. We are ALL ABOUT STEM!!

  •  Pass STEM Conference (previously called Banning/Beaumont)
    Redlands STEM Conference – February 28, 2018

    We were all so effective for the last twenty years of the AAUW STEM Conference that we have a lot to be proud of!  Edna Steinman’s dream is alive and well in your hands.

    Did you know that…

       at Crafton Hills College, between 2009 and 2014,

    • the percentage of women completing a STEM directed courses increased 50 %.
    • 45% of the students completing general STEM courses were women
    • 1 out of 8 women earned their degree in a STEM field in 2014

       Cal State San Bernardino over the last five years there was

    • 79% increase in STEM-related associates’ degrees
    • 13% increase in STEM-related Bachelor’s degrees
    • 17% increase in STEM-related graduate degrees

    Questions? Please email for any conference-related questions or information not found here.

    Want to Help?


    Adopt a Girl – Girls from our regional middle schools say “Thank you!” for sponsoring them. You can donate $20 per girl (how many would you like to adopt?). See our mailing address for donations below.

    Please Donate – Every cent is put towards the conference. Join our Donor list.

    Join our Conference Committee – Organizing, logistics, hosting presenters, mailings – you name it, we have it! Monthly meetings at member houses let us share ideas and friendships over snacks.

    Contribution checks should be made payable to AAUW STEM Conference. For more information contact our Conference Chair at  STEM@aauw-redlands-ca-org or by regular mail:

    Redlands Branch AAUW
    PO Box 7678
    Redlands, CA 92375-0678

    Our great appreciation for the donors who make this event possible every year!