amazon smile

Amazon Smile Donates to your charitable choice!

Do you shop at Amazon?  Did you know that Amazon will donate .5% of your purchases to the charity of your choice?  The Amazon Smile program allows all Amazon purchasers, both regular and Prime, to designate a charity for their donation.

Here how:

  1. You must purchase your items at the Amazon smile website. Regular Amazon or the mobile apps for Android or Iphone do not connect with the Smile donations. The Smile  website is maintained by Amazon and your regular login works.  The address is:
  2. Sign in using your regular Amazon username and password. Notice that your cart, shipping addresses, payment information are all identical to your regular Amazon account. You should notice that the Amazon logo in the corner says Amazon Smile.
  3. Choose your charity. The first time you login, Amazon Smile will prompt you to select a charity. Of course, Redlands AAUW is a great one to choose! If you have previously chosen a charity and would like to change, hover over supporting and notice that there is a link to change the charity. This page is cool because it also shows how much your purchases have generated for the selected charity.
  4. Search for items, place in cart and check out as usual. Your donation will be automatically calculated and applied.

A few suggestions:  You cannot use the regular amazon website, the Iphone  app or the Android app to purchase and have the donation count.  I find the Smile website hard to view on my phone.   To get around this, use the app to search and select items.  After you have put items in your cart, just go to the Amazon smile page to check out.  All of your cart item will be there!

You can put a shortcut to the Amazon smile site on your desktop to make it easier to get to the site. On an Iphone, visit the Hit share. Now click add to home screen.  You will get a link to Smile on your homescreen. For Android, go to the site.  Click the three dots on the upper right by the address.  Scroll down to Add to Home screen.  This will put a link on your home screen.

For more info go to: