Redlands AAUW

Redlands STEM Conference: Tuesday March 5th!  

AAUW is a community dedicated to supporting women, begun in 1881 by 17 Bostonian ladies who said the status quo was not good enough and they would stand it no longer.

Over the history of our group, generations of mothers have seen their daughters face fewer educational and economic barriers than they faced. This must continue.

I was born in the summer of 1969. My mother was part of a historical movement declaring that women deserved the same opportunities and compensation as men. I was raised to demand equal treatment and my daughter was raised to expect it. (I’m proud to share that my mother and my daughter join me in composing three-generations of membership in the Redlands AAUW branch.)

When women are paid less than men for the same labor, or face other discriminatory employment treatment, AAUW shows up with funding for legal expenses and other support.

When girls are denied equal sports opportunities or access to state-mandated reproductive-health education, AAUW fights for them.

When wives and mothers put higher education on hold to support their families, AAUW gives them scholarships to help them go back to school.

In 1920 when Marie Curie needed radium for her research, AAUW bought it for her.

AAUW studies the impact of stereotypes and the importance of having women in leadership, and then puts on STEM conferences to expose teens to careers in math, engineering and science all while introducing them to women innovators paving the way for their futures in industries typically dominated by men; and also holds workshops on how to run for office or negotiate a salary.

AAUW is non-partisan, but we are political. We take stands on legislation that conflicts with or supports our mission. The Redlands branch is among the largest in the state, so we have a strong voice.

But my point, from the beginning, was, Welcome!

To the extent that you would like to be involved, in the areas that interest you, with the people you want to work with, at the donation level that your budget accommodates, we welcome you. The only criterion for membership is having an associate or higher degree.

We advocate, we inspire, we empower.

Toni Momberger,

President, AAUW Redlands branch



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September 19, 2017 – City of Redlands, Quality of Life Department                                               You may have noticed that the first of three new Service Club Gateway monument signs has been installed on the corner of Redlands Blvd and Ford Street.
The Redlands Blvd/Ford Street sign project is the first of three signs and was relocated from Redlands Blvd. (1/4 mile west of Ford Street) for better visibility. The plan is to replace one sign per year as funds are raised.
The signs were design by STB Landscape Architects and constructed by Atom Engineering at a cost of $24,398, all privately raised funding. The project is being managed by the City of Redlands Quality of Life Department.
The Redlands City Council approved the service club sign design in March 2016. This initiated a fundraising campaign to fund the signs, which are all binge privately funded through service club donations.
There are three service club signposts in the City that showcase various non-profit service club organizations. The locations of these signs are:
● Redlands Boulevard, adjacent to Jennie Davis Park;
● Redlands Boulevard, approximately one quarter mile west of Ford Street
● Brookside Avenue, east of Price Street.
The current remaining signs are approximately 30 years old and are in need of replacement due to normal wear and tear.