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A message from the President of AAUW

Dear Members of Redlands AAUW and Interested Readers:

 My name is Sue Wallace and I have the pleasure of serving as president of the Redlands branch of AAUW for the 2020-21 year.  This will be a challenging year for our organization and so many others.  Our interest groups and service projects, for the most part, are centered around close social activities and we will have to make adjustments to meet the guidelines for COVID-19 social distancing.  Our mission is to empower women to attain leadership roles both in the workplace and in their community.  Working together with other branches in California and throughout the nation our goal is to achieve gender equality in education, economic security, and leadership.  

Locally we have worked through our STEM projects to broaden the vision of our young female students to aspire to reach out into careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  At this point we may not be able to do this in our normal way of providing a day long seminar for 8th grade girls to hear the experiences of women leaders in those fields in an open social forum.  However, we will work together to provide that opportunity even if it is an online experience.  We will be adjusting our normal fundraising activities to raise funds to provide scholarship opportunities to students who plan on expanding their education beyond high school.  Our many interest groups which involve social, educational, and service opportunities for our members will be finding ways to alter their programs so that we can continue to social distance.  This will require changes but I know that our membership has many innovative ideas on how to make these adjustments.

December Updates

Congratulations to all those who voted in this election. For women, it is an historic occasion. We have the first woman Vice-President and the first woman of color Vice-President. This is truly a victory for women’s rights no matter how you feel about the politics. The other major victory in this election was the historic number of Americans who turned out to vote. It is estimated that 80% of those eligible to vote did so. Note, that is those eligible not those who are registered voters. That’s truly remarkable.

The other celebration we can have is we are moving forward with our local branch of AAUW despite the pandemic. We have now held our third branch meeting using Zoom and our second social time using Zoom. So far, from the responses I have been getting from various members, it looks like we are being successful. Although we will not be able to do our annual fundraising Christmas Bazaar this year, we are making headway on our fundraising. Not only did we have successful Lunafest and Footlighter events, but we also made around $900 on a fundraiser Toni Momberger arranged on the Haunting of Redlands. Toni, I believe, is also working on additional fundraisers during this year. The board will be reevaluating our budget for this year and making adjustments where necessary. Unfortunately, we did have a drop in membership, but that was to be expected in such unusual times. In the meantime, we have started a new Racial Justice Discussion Group that has become very active. If you’re interested in joining, contact our president-elect Erica Wilson.

The Program Committee will be meeting in December to consider what to do about our meetings in 2021. Much will depend on the University of Redlands and whether they will allow us to use their facility during the second half of our year. However, with COVID-19 cases on the rise it does not look hopeful. If you have any suggestions concerning our meetings or fundraisers, please let me know.

If you are interested in joining AAUW, or have questions, please contact us at membership@aauw-redlands-ca.org pr follow us on our facebook page, AAUW Redlands.

Sue Wallace

President, AAUW Redlands branch


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