Tech Trek

 What is Tech Trek?

This one-week, academic residential camp immerses rising 8th grade girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) classes and activities on a university campus. Hands-on experiences range from conducting chemistry and biology lab experiments to programming computer applications to using engineering skills to build things. Girls learn firsthand about engaging careers from women employed in STEM fields.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) sponsors these camps with donations from local branch members and members of the community, as well as grants from local businesses and corporate entities.

How Are The Girls Selected?

All girls attend camp on sponsorships provided by the local AAUW branch. Prospective campers must be nominated by their math, science, computer, technology teacher or counselor from a participating school. Nominated girls are then asked to complete an application, write an essay, and interview with local AAUW members, who then select their campers.

How Does It Work?

Families pay only $50 for the girls to attend the entire week of camp, including all meals, supplies, residential costs, and trips. Women from AAUW staff the camp, with support from the universities. They volunteer their time to lead workshops and offer STEMintensive demonstrations, chaperone the girls around campus, and stay overnight in the residence halls. Teachers offer original science, engineering, and math-based courses. Sponsored courses from Verizon and Symantec provide girls with technology experiences coding apps and examining cybersecurity.

How You Can Help

The American Association of University Women (AAUW), Pass Area is dedicated to encouraging the girls in the Beaumont/Banning area to continue their education. The Tech Trek Science Camp is an opportunity for the girls to become aware of the many opportunities available to them if they stay in school and set goals for their future. Through the generous contributions of organizations and individuals in the Pass Area, AAUW arranges for two outstanding 7th grade girls to attend Tech Trek Science Camp at the University of California San Diego. The girls are selected from Banning and Beaumont middle schools.

We hope that you or your organization will help us continue to make Tech Trek available to our local girls. The cost to our local group is $850 per girl. The majority of the funding comes from thoughtful individuals and organizations like yours.


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