Membership Renewal

Annual membership renewals and new membership fees can now be paid online:

Pay your Membership Fee ONLINE today!

For all other membership options/fees, please contact for information.

1) Regular Memberships:

  • Cash/check payment: $123 annually (includes $72 national, $20 California, and $31 Redlands Branch).
  • Credit card payment: $127 annually (includes $72 national, $20 California, and $31 Redlands Branch + $4 online credit card fee).

Already a National AAUW member?  Affiliate with the Redlands branch by contacting

2) New Member Discount: New members who join AAUW during a branch meeting are eligible for the National “Shape the Future” Program, which gives a discount on the first year of membership.  Under this program dues are only $87 for the year ($36 National, $20 California, $31 local). Please contact to RSVP for an upcoming branch meeting and become an AAUW member.

3) Life Membership: $1440 one-time fee to AAUW, plus $51 annually for state and local dues.

4) Honorary Members: A member of AAUW for 50 years or more is granted Honorary status and retains national, state, and branch membership without paying any dues.

5) College/University Student Affiliate Membership: Free for undergraduate students at any of the AAUW partner colleges or universities. In our area, the University of Redlands, Crafton Hills College, and San Bernardino Valley College are college/university partners.  Once you are a student affiliate, you may become a Redlands branch member for free. If you are attending a program that is not an AAUW Partner Member college or university, you may become an AAUW member for $28.81 annually ($18.81 National and $10 California. The Redlands Branch fee will be waived.) If you are a student and you’d like to join AAUW, please contact

Call:  (909) 362-4955 for assistance.

Not comfortable with online renewal? Mail your check to AAUW, PO Box 7678, Redlands, CA, 92375, or pay at a branch meeting. Please make checks payable to AAUW.