2018 -2019 Branch Meetings and Programs

Members and guests are always welcome at all branch meetings. A meal reservation is not required in order to attend the program. Chairs will be available. However, meal reservations must be made by the deadline date in the newsletter and/or email reminder.

Saturday Meetings: Social – 9 am, Brunch – 9:30 am, Program  – 10:15 am                                     Wednesday Meetings: Social – 5:30 pm, Dinner – 6:00 pm, Program – 7:15 pm

Meeting Location: University of Redlands, Casa Loma Room

 To Make a Reservations:                                                                                                                   Email:                                                                                              Phone: 909-362-4955

Interested in AAUW but not a member? Come share a meal with us during a monthly meeting and see what you’re missing! Contact us or phone 909-362-4955 for information.

Meeting Schedule

Reservation information and Speakers can be found in the current newsletter.

SAT Sept 8—Membership Brunch; Coordinator: Toni Momberger

WED Oct 3 — Celebration of STEM 25th Anniversary; Coordinator: Heather Abushanab

WED Nov 7—NCCWSL Report: Valerie Johnson, Crafton; Katherine Baber, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Music History, University of Redlands; Coordinator: Erica Wilson

SAT Dec 1—Lumiere de Chanson, Citrus Valley High School; Coordinator: TBD

WED Jan 9—Speaker: Dawn Wright Ph.D., Chief Scientist, ESRI ; Co-coordinators: Sherri Kinsey & Susan Bangasser

SAT Feb 2—AAUW Fund Speaker & Named Gift Recipient Program; Coordinator: Margee Fuller

SAT Mar 2—Legal Advocacy Fund Speaker; Coordinator: Deborah Seibly

Wed Apr 3—Michele Bratcher Goodwin, U of CA, Irvine School of Law; Coordinator: Dianne Landeros

SAT May 4—NYMS Recipients; Rebecca Reichard, PhD; Women In Leadership; Coordinator: Leslie Trainor

SAT June 1— Installation of 2019-20 Branch Officers; Nerni Mink Miller, The Teach FAR Project  ; Coordinator: Cathy Schilling; Installation of 2019-20 Branch Officers; Member Recognition Presentation: Coordinator: Kathy Toister